Friday, June 28, 2013

I Like Nests

      I do--I like nests very much.  They are a symbol to me of what I love to do--Nest!  Homemakers are Nesters.  That's why I was so pleased a few days ago, on my way home from running errands, when a bird's nest blew right into my path in front of my car!  At first I couldn't believe it was really what I thought it was, and I drove right around it.  Then my curiosity got the best of me and I turned around, went back, stopped and opened my door, and there it was--a real bird's nest.  It was obviously a little gift from God, who often finds ways to whisper to me, "I love you!" when I least expect it.  Here is the nest:
      If you don't think I like nests, let me show you a few that I have around the house; some real and some not.  Sometimes I just sit the nest on a shelf to show it off (IF the shelf is high enough that certain kitties can't reach it--ahem! Not naming any names here.)

Sometimes I put a nest under a glass dome with vintage millinery...
Or on wreath I made...

Or on a bench...

Or in a mixed media piece... (can you find it?)


Or even in the hands of Isadora, my beautiful mannequin who sits in the diningroom...

       And sometimes I put a nest inside a bird cage.   Did I tell you that I also like bird cages?  Bird cages symbolize home to me.  That's why I like to put the nest in a bird cage--it's SO perfectly safe, cozy and sweet.  Here are a few bird cages (some real; some not!)...

  This bird cage facsimile holds some of my special cards. I made the ones below from antique photo cards...

The one on top says, "Rejoice in the Lord" and the one on the bottom says,
"Receive the Kingdom of God like a child."

Sometimes I put the antique photo card inside a real bird cage. 
That symbolizes me in my house. With the nest.  Nesting.
  Can you see the nest inside?

This cage has a little "bird" singing; that's me, too!
This is the cage where I put the nest that I found this week.
I put a little egg inside. Every nest needs an egg!
The egg symbolizes the life inside your nest.
That's why you are nesting--to protect and nurture the lives inside your nest.
Just like God loves to protect and nurture you.
We do it so much better when we let Him nurture us first, don't you think?


  1. Lucky nest to find its way into your, not empty any longer and cozy!

    1. And I'm so glad you have a new little "chick" in YOUR nest! :-)