Sunday, June 16, 2013

Saying Goodbye

I hate goodbyes. They are so hard to take; so heartbreaking.
That's how it was when a few friends gathered together with Bob & Becky
to say goodbye to two day old "Inkling" the baby Percheron colt.
He had been so greatly anticipated, and lived for such a terribly short time.
We know this is not God's intention, for death to ever happen to any of His creation.
But sadly we still live in a fallen world, groaning for His return to set things right.
So we gathered to comfort our dear friends as they buried Inkling's ashes,
right next to their faithful and long-lived Thoroughbred, Image.
Now I have attended two horse funerals. 
They are just as sad as human funerals. 

We know in our hearts that death is wrong.
We yearn for the day when Death is swallowed up in Victory--
even for our four legged friends.

While Nancy, above, read a Bible passage to us this gentle butterfly sat on Becky's back. When Nancy finished reading it flew over and landed on her shoulder, sitting there for a long time.   I think it was a little heavenly messenger sent to comfort us.
I Corinthians 15


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