Saturday, June 8, 2013

She Who Sleeps With Cats

Here is my secret nightshirt, fresh out of the wrinkled laundry basket.
There is a reason this was given to me by an (undisclosed) friend.
(You know who you are!)
Here is Rosie, trying to hide the evidence.
But here it is--proof that I can never sleep alone! 
Oh, the sacrifices we cat lovers make!
(See how Sweetface brings a cup of hot coffee to his Sleeping Beauty?)
That's our unspoken agreement;
Whoever gets up first brings coffee to the other one still in bed.
I love that.
I love Saturdays.
(But the cats never help with that at all.)


  1. Cats in your bed and men bringing you coffee....what could be better? Well, we will leave that to other blogs...cats, coffee and sweatfaces -sound purrfect to me.

  2. LOL--you do have a point there!