Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Adventure of Possum the Cat

        The doorbell rang unexpectedly.  When I opened the door it was Gary, the next door neighbor asking, "Have you lost a cat? We have one on our deck."  I said no, both of our cats are accounted for.  He said he was worried that the cat was sick, as it just laid there between his flower pots and wouldn't go away.  I suggested that he call Animal Control to pick up the cat, and forgot all about it. 

      The next afternoon I was watering the flowers on our deck and was startled to see a strange cat lying under our BBQ pit! I nearly jumped out of my skin. It was apparently the same cat that Gary had described the day before; same coloration and odd behavior.  I was worried that there was a possibly sick cat on our deck, just on the other side of the screen from our cats on the porch.  I offered him food and water, but he just ignored them and moved to hide behind our birdseed can in another corner.  I called Animal Control and a man came and carefully picked up the cat and put him in a crate and took him away. 

        Two days later Sweetface and I were driving to the store when I spotted a photo posted on the street sign at the entrance to our subdivision--the same cat!  "Missing--Please call if you see our cat," and a phone number.  We stopped and I called the number immediately on my cellphone.  A woman on the other end sounded nearly in tears as I told her all about what had happened, and how worried I was that her cat was ill, and she had better call Animal Control right away.  She thanked me and hung up. 
      I didn't give it another thought until later the same day.  Sweetface and I were again in the car, backing out of our driveway, when another car pulled in behind us.  "That's odd," I said, "Why is someone parking behind us while we are pulling out?" A woman got out of her car and walked up and gave us a gorgeous live plant arrangement.  It was Jennifer, our neighbor just 5 doors down the block and the owner of the cat, which she had found and joyfully brought home to her husband and 6 year old daughter, Brook.  Their other cat was happy to see it's friend come home, too!
      The next day they realized that Possum was still not eating or acting like himself, and they took him to the vet.  It turns out that he was dehydrated and possibly had a virus.  He spent three days at the vet's on I.V.'s before getting to go home at last.  Now all is well at Possum's house.  I think he will not be slipping out the door again any time soon.


  1. Gary and I talked with Jen at her garage sale on Saturday and heard Possum was doing better. Yesterday, when I saw you had the same plant arrangement I thought it strange, but didn't ask...hahaha