Saturday, June 22, 2013

The Palisades Pals

Our Palisades neighborhood group got together for lunch this month at Rossanne's home.

Rossanne is on your right; Diane on you left.
From left to right are Arline, Janine and Karen.
Unfortunately our friend Joy is in the hospital after a bad spill,
and Dianne has dropped out due to her thrilling new Granddaughter babysitting duties.

As usual, we feasted well. 
I forgot to photo Rossanne's salmon over asparagus dish--heavenly!
Rossanne is from Taiwan, and her home is decorated accordingly--
a beautiful, clean, serene Asian theme throughout. 
Here are some photos to inspire you:

Looking at these clean, airy spaces almost makes me want to get rid of about half
of my pretty "things" sitting around--but then again, maybe NOT! :-)
How about you--do you lean towards the neat and airy look or the not-so-much
end of the spectrum, like me?
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  1. Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a lovely comment. When I see nice clear homes it does send me on a tidy kick, but I do love our cosy, little rooms and my bits and bobs (I'm sure it should probably say clutter) :) xx