Sunday, June 9, 2013

The Porch is Open--Finally

That involves cleaning it and sprucing it up with a few plants, etc.
That is the Delphinium I bought at the Mo. Botanical Gardens gift shop.
Can you believe it's real? Amazing.
We had such a cold, rainy spring that I never got around to really opening the porch until this weekend.  The swing is the greatest place for a nap! 

I rearranged the furniture.  I brought down the wicker chair and footstool.

  But the cat tree stayed in the same spot. 
Callie rarely comes out onto the  porch, but Rosie loves it there. 
She can spy on the bird feeder from her vantage point. 

         Steven and I love eating dinner on the screened porch, sitting on the swing,
 and just listening to the birds.  It's such a peaceful perch on top of our ridge.
Isn't spring wonderful?  Do you have a special spot to enjoy the warmer weather?


  1. What a lovely porch looks a very relaxing place to spend time. I am very envious, I do love your homes across there esp those with such nice porches.

  2. The cats wouldn't have it any other way. :-) It really is something I always dreamed of having; a screened in porch. It isn't that big (about 16' x 16'), but we use it to the max. Thanks, Mary

  3. That place looks so familiar! LOL

    The side piece to leave a comment only takes you to that website…no comments to be left through least for now. But charming!!