Thursday, June 27, 2013

Visiting Our Friend

      I may have mentioned that our friend, Joy, was not able to attend our last luncheon due to being in the hospital.  Last Thursday Joy walked into a restaurant during a rainstorm.  Unfortunately the entrance to the restaurant had half an  inch of water standing, and Joy hydroplaned--falling and breaking her pelvis and injuring her right arm.  Awful! She was taken by ambulance to the hospital, and is now in the rehab section, receiving daily therapy.  So yesterday our Palisades Pals group made a trip into town to visit our sweet friend.  We wanted to cheer her up and take her some gifts.  We also relish any excuse to dress up and go out!  So we did both.  (Two birds with one stone thingy.)  
      We were much relieved to find Joy smiling--as usual.  She has earned her name "Joy", and she always has an optimistic attitude, and brings joy to everyone around her.  That's why we have adopted her into our group, even though she is the only one who doesn't live in our neighborhood.
      After leaving we went to lunch, then stopped by Joy's house to take her beloved chickens some scraps from our lunch (she worries about them not getting enough "chicken food" scraps, even though they are being fed by another friend daily), and then we HAD to stop at a nice thrift shop on the way home.  We got home just ahead of another big thunderstorm.  A very good day.  Send Joy a prayer for quick recovery so she can get back to her chickens soon--and her beehives.  And dogs and cats.  And bunnies.  And fish.  And hundreds of flowers.  And quilting...


  1. Joy..Joy..Joy!!! This too shall pass...She will come through this like the trooper we all know her to be.....wish she could bottle her stamina. She would make a fortune! Way to go TTLL and JOY!!!!!