Sunday, June 30, 2013

Why I Like Getting Old

      I have never been one to fear old age.  Call me na├»ve, but I have always thought that every age has its advantages as well as disadvantages.  I am usually the odd one, marching to my own drum, so to speak--but I actually look forward to experiencing "Old Age".  And some would say, with my 65th birthday approaching on July 4th, that I am definitely already there! I've been thinking about all that as I prepare our home for the Fourth, and all the family that is coming to visit this week.

      "But I don't feel old," as they always say.  I asked the Lord why is that? The answer that came to me was this: Our body gets old and deteriorates because it is physical, and of this world, and subject to the physical laws of entropy.  But we are not our body--we ARE our soul.  Our soul is Eternal.  It is not subject to the physical laws of the universe.  Our soul never grows old, and it never dies.  It really lives forever.  That's why we don't "feel" old--except for our bodies, which deteriorate with age no matter how we think we will be different! 

      The world is obsessed with youth, and all that that entails.  But I have always felt like a stranger on this earth.  I know, since becoming a follower of Jesus, that this is not my true home. Youth, to me, was fraught with the difficulties that come with wishing to be accepted, wishing to be more "beautiful", wishing to be more of whatever the world says is of value.  But for a long time now I have known that all that is all a sham.  I have found my true worth, and it has nothing at all to do with age. 
Here is a list of reasons why I enjoy getting older--in random order:
- I now have an excuse not to worry about looking gorgeous--I can blame it on my age. :-)

- I am no longer in high school--I hated that!

- I am wiser.  I still have my blatantly "blonde" moments, to be sure.  But I am light years wiser than I was when I was much younger.  (Wouldn't it be great to be born knowing what you know now, having gone through the school of hard knocks?)

- I can wear whatever I want to wear, stylish or not.  Sometimes that's not quite what a "senior citizen" is expected to wear!

- I can be as eccentric as I want.  I have always envisioned myself growing more so with age--and I think I am succeeding!

- I no longer am bothered about what "others" think of me--I couldn't care less!  Therefore I feel very free to speak kindly but truthfully--free of concern that someone won't like me because of what I think or believe.  (I know a secret--if "they" don't like me, that's their loss!)

- I have learned it is okay to end some things, including toxic relationships.  Life is too short to waste on toxic, unpleasant people--move on! I love the country song that goes, "Have a nice rest of your life without me," by Randy Travis. :-)

- I am what the world calls "retired" (from a "real" job, anyway), so I can do what I want to do, when I want to do it. Now I spend my time working at home, the place that I love the most, enjoying my husband and friends and family, running my  little Ebay shop, and even writing this blog.  I am busy all the time, but I can take a nap, too!


- I have more time to think of others now that I have less demands at home, with children grown and gone. (In the past week I visited two sick friends and delivered cookies to two new neighbors, and got to know them a little bit--delightful!)

- I am much closer to the day when I get to go to my Real Home--Heaven!  I have no fear of death.  Pain and suffering, yes, but I know they don't last long compared to what I have to look forward to on the other side.

      These are just a few advantages of growing older.  I don't waste my time thinking or worrying about any disadvantages--they are greatly outnumbered by the advantages!  Can you think of any good things about growing older?



  1. Happy Birthday....Sweet 65!!!!! You wear your age well.

    1. Thank you! I also share my birthday with my Granddaughter, Gretchen. And America! Lucky me. :-)

  2. We are on the road of life. Ups and downs, rights and lefts. Sometimes we fly uphill and other times the Lord is carrying us. Other times we skate down hill and other times we need to put on the brakes. Often it's the detours, those rights and lefts that throw off our plans. But, every day on the road of life we have a ""choice" how to live it and should rejoice in it! As they say everyday above grass is a good one...we all need to smell the roses more!

    Have a great birthday you little "firecracker" as we celebrate our beloved country.


  3. With Jesus every day counts, on this side or the other side--we win both ways. But I'm quite happy to stay here as long as He wants me to.

  4. Hi Linda - I love your thoughts about aging! Thanks for sharing and Happy Birthday - what a fun day to have as your birthday! Blessings, Shirley in Washington

    1. Yes, it is fun, thank you. Always plenty of fireworks!