Monday, July 15, 2013

Back to the Empty Nest

      The last of our houseguests, daughter Erin and fiancee' Sean, are gone now.  We went for a picnic at the park yesterday afternoon on our way to the airport.  There we visited for a while in a restaurant, then they went through the Security area.  Don't you just hate it now that you can't go sit at the gate with your family before they leave on a trip? And wouldn't you know it, their flight was delayed for two hours due to stormy weather in Denver.  In the past month we have had a visiting cousin, a party for my husband's co-workers, my son and his family of six, and then these two cuties.  So much fun, but all rather crammed together!
      So today was "Re-Group" day--washing sheets and bath linens; remaking beds, doing laundry, and just generally trying to get back to whatever normal is around here.  I also had to run several hours of errands.  Then I came home and started getting back to business on Ebay, sorting through lots and lots of inventory and taking photos. So here is what I am feeling like right now:
Excuse me if I am not very entertaining right now...please?


  1. Enjoy your temporary break, because now that the world knows.... they are going to beat a path to your guest room. You do know that you can always come next door and visit....

  2. Looking at the cute dog photo makes me think I have forgotten how to relax.