Monday, July 29, 2013

Cheap Date at Costco!

      Sweetface and I live such an exciting life that we are the envy of all of our friends.  For example, this weekend we had a big date for shopping and lunch--at Costco! How's that for living on the edge?  If you want a tip on how to rock out on Very Little Money, let me tell you all about why we enjoy going to Costco together.  First of all, of course, is cheap and yummy lunch! I took a bunch of pics for you with my iPhone.  By the way, this is not a sponsored advertisement.  (But it SHOULD be!)
Look at the size of this hot dog.
For only $1.50.
And it is really Big, and all Beef!
Now look at that happy face!
(See why my pet name for him has always been Sweetface?)
Now check out this Huge Hand Dipped Chocolate,
Rolled in Nuts, Vanilla Ice Cream Bar--
Must weigh at least a pound.
And only $1.50!
Where else on Planet Earth can you find such a Delicious Deal???
This is not Sweetface chowing it down!
Then as if that was not enough food, you can stuff yourself for FREE
by just walking through the store and tasting all of the Free Samples.
They have different foods every time you go, from sweets, to cheeses,
meats, to things to drink!  That reminds me of Rule #1:
"Never, but NEVER, eat before going to Costco."
That would be crazy.
Then you might as well stop at the magazine rack.
Pick up your favorite reads for a whopping 30% Discount.
Where else can you do that?
Here is one that I bought.
(I LOVE Stampington Magazines!!!)
And I am always tempted by the fresh flowers display!
And did I mention that you can also grocery shop there?
And buy a lot of other stuff?
We did a little of that, too.
Don't I have a sexy date?
Life is good. :-)

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  1. mmmm....look at you two, enjoying each other's company despite the $$$$ hahaha