Wednesday, July 17, 2013

My Ebay Assistant

I don't know how I could ever be an Ebay success without the aid
 of my faithful Ebay assistant, Callie.  She helps me SO much! (cough; ahem)
Some Ebay entrepreneurs only have human assistants--but not me!
How could I ever work without Callie cramming herself onto my work platform? 
(Notice how I have to squeeze my keyboard onto half of the mouse pad?)

How could I ever stay awake during long hours at the computer
 without her falling asleep with her head on my keyboard? 
Or her other end? 
Her dedication knows no end.  (No pun intended.)


  1. hahaha......calicoes make the purrfect little helpers. They are inquisitive and friendly.

  2. Oh how I wish I still had my cats to curl up next to my computer. "Catter" loved to find any box of papers I was trying to work with and plog herself down on top of the papers! All my cats are in kitty heaven. Currently I have a feral living under the house. Just waiting for God to gift me with my next orphan cat. They make the best! Love your blog!

    1. Oh, bless your heart, I know how you feel. I still miss all my little gone-to-heaven angels. They bring such joy, but leave such an empty space when they leave. I will agree with you in prayer for God to send you another orphan to love right away. I know there is one on the way already. Please let me know when it arrives!