Tuesday, July 23, 2013

My Ebay Office

      Poor Sweetface. when he bought the furniture for our office he thought it was going to be his space. (tsk, tsk!) Little did he know that it wouldn't be long before I crowded him out entirely.  Now if he wants to use the office computer he has to sneak in when I'm not there--good thing he has a laptop and I bought him a desk for our bedroom!  So this is a close-up of why I like working here.

There is room for me to sit the things I am listing, on the peninsula part of the desk. 
And room for Sweetface to sit across from me when he is home.
There is room for my tools of the trade; my magnifiers,
tape measure,  calculator,  ring sizer and ruler. 
      There is also room for my pencil holder, my felted hamster-thingy, my kitten trinket box.
And room for my lavender sachet, which I actually squeeze and sniff often--heavenly!
There is also a Super Duper sized computer monitor that gives me plenty of room to have up two Ebay screens (one for research, the other for listing) as well as my favorite TV shows.

I can look out the window right next to me at the roses. 
I usually have a kitty sitting there beside me, too.
There is plenty of shelf space for my supplies.
I have pretty boxes for storing my listed jewelry, marked
"Necklaces", "Bracelets", "Pins", "Earrings", etc.
      And then there is the occasional situation where a kitty sneaks over and lays on the items I am trying to list--not good! Recently a woman wrote to ask me if a blouse I had listed came from a "Smoke-Free and Pet-Free Home?"  I told her, "We are smoke free, but we do have cats. But I promise no cat has worn that blouse."  She bought it. :-)  Guess I can't say that about this shirt!


  1. Thank you for sharing these pictures, Linda. I love those pretty boxes for your jewelry!

    1. Thank you, Kimberly! The boxes can be found at Michael's Crafts and Joanne's Fabrics stores. They are handy for most rooms.