Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Resale Royalty Time

      One of the things that Janine and I like to do is get together one a week to watch the Style network show "Resale Royalty."  I tape the show and on Tuesdays she comes over and we sit and watch this reality show about a very upscale women's clothing/accessories re-sale shop here in the St. Louis area. 
      Janine, rightly, blames me for getting her hooked on selling on Ebay, and watching this show is a fun way for us to research name brands and fashion trends. Janine and I visited their store, The Women's Clothing Exchange, occasionally before it ever became a reality show.  The items they sell are too expensive for us to re-sell ourselves, but it is fun to shop there when we are in the neighborhood.  Watching the TV show gives us a little down time during otherwise busy weeks full of homemaking and gardening and all the things that occupy our time, when we often don't take the time to schedule simple fun things to do. 
      I must confess that sometimes the show disturbs me.  It not only shows the mother and her two daughter's business, but takes you on their "closet buy-out" trips into multi-million dollar homes.  It's hard for me to comprehend women who are so wealthy that they will spend several thousand dollars on a dress or handbag, never even wear it, and then resell it to these shop owners for pennies on the dollar.  And I really cannot relate to even wanting such excesses as they show off in their enormous multi-room closets.  (Or in one case where the woman bought the HOUSE next door to serve as her closet!) Honestly, it just causes me to feel so relieved that I never learned to care about things that are so important to the rich and/or famous.  It even makes me thankful that I grew up poor.  But it is an education to peek in on such a different way of life.  Different strokes for different folks.
      Today while she was here Janine and I discussed a new business venture idea, which is what we often do.  So far we are only watching and talking.  (I pray that we do follow through on one of those ideas sometime soon though!) Until then, I am thoroughly enjoying life in the 'burbs with such good friends and neighbors, Ebay, and living the Homemaker life.  You really can't get much better than that.  And I never want anything to get in the way of that--after all, that's why I am home, for good!

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  1. I sometimes sell on e bay, old tablecloths and such. You are so very organized, it almost inspired me to try selling again. You have a lovely home, and you seem like you truly enjoy what you are doing..... nina