Friday, July 26, 2013

What is Your Schedule?

      Do you have a schedule for your daily or weekly activities?  Do you have it written down? Or is it in your head? Do you stick to it religiously, or are you flexible? How disciplined are you with your To-Do list?  I think most of us struggle with these issues, sometimes more than others, throughout our lives.  Life--and therefore our schedule--changes dynamically.

      Right now I have settled into a loose daily work schedule.  I have to have some kind of plan to make sure I get the basics accomplished throughout the week.  I want to be sure to get certain things done.  But I can always drop everything if something more urgent comes up. (Or more fun--but don't tell!)  Right now my daily routine looks like this:
Before Noon: (In loose order...)
1.  Get myself beautiful for the day.  (Well, we must try, mustn't we?)
2.  Get Sweetface's lunch packed and see him off.
3.   My quiet/meditation time to read, pray, plan the day.
4.  Make the bed, straighten up the house.
5.  Prepare whatever I can ahead of time for dinner.
6.  Take care of pets and plants.
7.  Do a daily housework chore.  (Laundry, Floors, Dust, Bathrooms, Errands, etc.)
1.  Deskwork/emails/phone calls.
2.  Work on Ebay; shipping/photos/listing.
3.  Blog (hopefully!)
1.  Prepare and eat dinner
2.  Clean up the kitchen; plan tomorrow's meal.
3.  VEG OUT!

      I know--I am missing an important little thing: Exercise!  However, I do count housework as good exercise.  And very soon there will be a new Community Center, complete with exercise facilities, opening within walking distance! I can't wait to have a place to walk or workout no matter what the weather.  With our Midwest weather it is hard to have a predictable outdoors exercise schedule.  I take a walk when the weather permits, whenever the mood hits me--not good! Here it is usually too hot or too cold. (Do I sound like Little Red Riding Hood?)
      Then there are the days that the schedule is thrown to the wind.  Like when I have things to do with a friend.  Or we have house guests.  Or whatever comes up that seems more important!
      Do you have a schedule?  How's it working for you? What do you find most important to get done during your day?  Do you have one day a week that you reserve for yourself to rest and recuperate? (I do!)  If so, what do you do on that special day? Please leave a comment below and share your way of organizing your week.


  1. Sundays are incredibly busy in our house - not surprising as I am married to a Pastor. But he tries to keep Monday as his 'day off'. As a supply [substitute] teacher, I organise things so I do not work that day either. In a sense it is our 'Sabbath' - we use it for r&r and do fun things together - not necessarily EXPENSIVE things, but PRICELESS quality time. Things like visiting a library, chatting in a coffee shop, seeing a film [cinemas here are almost empty on a Monday afternoon] or creating and crafting at home. He loves to make bread on a Monday while I am at the sewing machine.
    Thanks for your recent comment on my blog
    summer blessings xx

  2. Oh, I love that Angela! It's SO good to have that day together to do homey, restful things. Sweetface and I just had such a day together--now home to NAP! :-)

  3. I read your post and decided to write a blog post about my schedule.

    Thanks for sharing your schedule. I think we can all look at each other's schedules and learn something that my help our days run a bit smoother.

    1. Thanks for sharing your busy schedule, Kimberly. My grandchildren are homeschooled, too, so I know the dedication that takes--and the rewards! I admire your dedication to keep Ebay going while you do all that. Best wishes, Linda