Monday, August 5, 2013

How I Approach Writing a Blog


      In response to a question from a Dear Reader about how I approach writing on my blog, I must say most of the time when I sit down at my keyboard to blog I have No Clue about what I am going to write.  If I were daunted by that I would never blog.  Fortunately, I am rather fearless when it comes to throwing myself out there and diving in to finding a subject about which to write.  If, as they say, "Fools rush in where wise men fear to tread...," then I plead guilty.  Worse things can happen than having no one to appreciate--or read--what you write, as I most certainly can attest!  You have to write out of a need to express yourself.  Never write out of a need to please your audience.   

      Dear Reader asked how I "center" myself and clear my mind to start.  Early every day I do attempt to spend time alone, after Sweetface leaves for work, at which time I pray, read a few verses in the Bible, look over my calendar, and journal.  I call it centering myself in Christ.  If I forget to that discipline for more than a day or two I realize that I am suddenly all out of sorts for no apparent reason.  Then I get back to it, much to my Inner Self's great relief.
       This may sound crazy to most people, but I have kept a daily journal since I started the habit in the 1970's, while I was in nursing school.  It was one way that I found to center myself during a hectic time of life when I had two elementary school-aged children, a husband and home and dog, and was working part time while pursuing my degree as a Registered Nurse.  I had to find a way to center myself each morning, and that is when I regularly began this process of writing to God every morning.  It worked so well that now, nearly forty years later, I still do it on a daily basis.  Perhaps my journal (dull and boring as it is!) should be entered for a world record in The Longest Continual Journal? So writing each day does come naturally to me.
      As far as how to get started? My best advice is to just START WRITING. A ship cannot be steered unless it is moving.  Write anything that comes to your mind.  Don't worry about grammar, or spelling, or what your next sentence will be--just START.  You must get the ball rolling.  You can always start over, rewrite, or change it in any way you wish.  But you can't fix what doesn't exist in the first place.

      Regarding finding a subject about which to write, I personally keep an email folder of ideas  I come across and save there.  I read a lot, especially online.  I listen you "You Tube" videos almost every night while going to sleep. (Now there's a blog subject to explore!) I read books and magazines.  I save favorite "Forwards" that friends email to me.  I peruse recent photos that I have taken for ideas.  I think about what I did yesterday.  And I email myself notes about thoughts that come across my mind now and then.  So there is no lack of sources of ideas out there!

      Lastly, I would also advise you to never be intimidated about writing as naturally as you are when you talk to a friend.  You don't have to be an "expert" (such a boorish word!) about your subject.  You don't have to sound intellectual.  You don't need to use big impressive words, or have a voluminous vocabulary.  People like it much better if you just talk to them when you write the same way you do when you speak.  If you have decided to write about your favorite movie, how would you start telling your best friend about it?  That is exactly what you should start writing.  After the first few words, the rest will follow naturally.
      I am certainly no expert on writing, but these are the ideas that come to my mind, and I hope they are of some help.  I would very much appreciate any additional ideas other Dear Readers might leave in the comments below, or leave us a link to your own blog with additional helpful hints!


  1. Great post! I didn't know you are an RN, too. am I! Sometimes I think my posts are rather corny, but I write them anyway. It's just what's on my mind. Thanks for letting me know that it's ok! ;)

    1. It's a small world, isn't it? :-) We can compete for the corniest blog posts!