Friday, August 23, 2013

My Ebay Mannequin

      This is my Ebay mannequin. 
She normally is standing on the stair landing next to the window. 

She wears a vintage mink stole
(where the little minks are biting each other on the tail--love those!)


      And she is usually decked out in vintage jewels.  At least until I get around to listing them.  Right now I am so far behind on listing jewels--I have boxes full of them.
      I don't use her often.  Lately I have noticed that many upscale catalogs are showing their clothing flat rather than on a model.  So I've been trying to photo most clothes flat on the wood floor without it looking tacky (as so many Ebay photos do.)  It seems to me that you can see the details much better if most garments are lying flat than if they are hanging. But I have started listing a lot of winter coats, many of which do look better on a mannequin due to their bulkiness. 
       I am writing this on Friday (those who get emailed updates from my blog may not get them until Saturday), and I was trying to list more coats but for some reason Ebay doesn't seem to be working right now.  I got a couple of things listed, but then when I tried to list a similar item or pull up one of my Ebay templates I kept getting a message telling me it isn't available. And now there is an announcement that it is totally down.  I wonder if that has to do with solar flares that I've been reading about lately. Anyway it's frustrating! So here I am blogging instead, which is more fun, anyway.  So, about my mannequin...
      Mannie (as I call my headless friend) was bought new from a local store supply warehouse.  I painted her all over with a base coat of acrylic paint, then smudged her to get a more vintage look.  Then I stamped her neck with "Paris" and number "7".  Here she is, stark naked, poor thing.

I distressed her already black wood base and top with sandpaper.

Here I have set up a backdrop of a white bedsheet over metal display screens.
A white backdrop is so much better than having a photo with clutter in the background.
      I have set it up in our entryway.  It is a pain, but if I'm doing enough photos it is worth the effort. However I will be glad to get finished so I can clear it all away.  I do think I need a real professional photo studio, don't you? :-)

      I have been buying winter coats (cheap!) all summer long and holding them to list for this fall.  I have had good success with them in the past.  New coats are ridiculously expensive, and a gently used like-new coat is such a great way to economize for many folks, including me.  My coat closet is bursting, so I've even forced myself to put some of my own coats up for sale--I hate that! :-)

      I hope to have all my winter clothing listed by the end of this month.  Then I plan to list my Christmas items during the month of September.  I'd rather be too early than too late!  What are you listing/buying lately on Ebay?

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  1. Love your mannequin, what a great project. You obviously have a lot of artistic flair. Bet your project will inspire many others (like me) to do something similar.

    I think many of us are space constrained, especially when it comes to a photo area. I created a photo corner, which is not as attractive as yours but my inventory keeps creeping in...