Wednesday, August 7, 2013

What I Bought On Ebay

      Until I became a regular seller on Ebay it never crossed my mind to purchase something there myself.  In fact, I had been selling a long time before that became a regular habit.  But now, after selling on Ebay for ten years, it is the first place I look for that particular something I am looking for.  Where else can you find two tiny snuggling bunnies to put on your knick-knack shelf?
And another one, even if he has a little chip or two?
      What else can you do when you are spiffing up your decor and you decide that you really, really NEED a white, oval, footed vase in which to put a lovely white orchid?  Hopefully a piece of Italian pottery? You guessed it--I found the exact one I had in mind on Ebay!
 It arrived a couple of days later.  It was really dirty and required some scrubbing and I also put little feet on it (and after all, it was CHEAP so I didn't really care!)

      And like the other day when I had to list the most gorgeous little top because it was a size (or two?) too small for me to keep--where did I go but to Ebay? And I found it! In an even better color for me! You can bet I wasted no time buying it!
      Then there are the days when I am listing jewelry and while researching a piece I might happen to come across another piece that I decide I just cannot live without.  So I, of course, snap it right up before it's gone!  Like this little brass cat locket.
      And I know, for sure, that I am not the only one who does this, as I just packed up a gorgeous vintage bracelet to ship to ANOTHER Ebay seller!  (It's just a Sickness, folks!)  But it's a really fun (and frugal) one! :-)
      I found this snappy tune on YouTube, and it is SO me! Maybe you will like it, too.  :-)

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  1. Yep, I am sure I spend way more than I sell on ebay. It is truly an illness for me. LOL I love your cat jewelry...gorgeous!

  2. When people ask how should I get started selling on eBay, I always suggest buying first because you don't know what it is like to be on the buyer's end unless you've experienced it. I also tell them that you can even buy new items that you need as opposed to want. My first purchase was a battery for our phone. The second, a replacement teddy bear for the one my then young son carried everywhere.

    I'm currently looking for an expensive 3-in-1 jacket that has been available at a major retailer for years. I'm wouldn't mind having it in last year's colors if it saved me a few dollars...

    And I think eBay is the BEST place to buy your favorite jeans, which I happen to live in.

    Love your finds, your pictures and your post, which I am once again sharing on my Facebook page, Treasures By Brenda.

  3. Great advice, Brenda! I love that I can do a permanent "Search" on ebay that will tell me when something new has been listed that I am looking for, too. I have learned to sell jeans lately because so many people buy jeans just like you do. I need to go pack up a pair right now, in fact. :-) Linda

  4. Is that bunny a Fitz and Floyd? So cute! And, I too enjoy snapping up good deals on ebay.

    1. It is not Fitz & Floyd; there is no mark. But it looks old, and possibly European.