Thursday, August 1, 2013

What I Got for ME at the Thrift Shops

      I am not going to spoil it all by showing here what I am listing on my Ebay Store from this week's Thrift Shop Excursion.  (But it CAN be seen by peeking there yourself; my Ebay Shop button is on your right!)  I spent the day yesterday just organizing, laundering, ironing, photographing, etc., many of my new purchases.  I never (NEVER!) sell anything that I would not wear myself, and I am very Picky! However, I must confess I did a major splurge on myself--and I will show you a few of the things I found that fit me just right--and are perfect for taking me into Fall with a "new" wardrobe.
I can't wait to wear this soft rayon top by Billabong.
I do love Funky!
I will wear that with these great Chico's traveler pants.
(Now I can list my traveler pants that I never have worn because they are too big!)
And here is a flirty red & white cotton Talbot's top in a summery cotton...
that I can pair up with these nice, lined Talbot's pants...
which will also look great with this Nautica blue and white T-top!
This grey and beige knit Sonoma top... 
goes perfectly with these beige Liz Claiborne pants.
This sweetly ruffled pink cotton Denim & Co. blouse...
will go nicely with these black Heritage jeans...
as will this fun Liberty Love sweater top with the armholes on the sides!
And, last but not least, I will wear this luxurious white knit Chico's top...
with these orange Liz Claiborne jeans!
      The awesome thing about thrifting is that I can dress as nicely as I want to while staying well within my budget--all while wearing quality, like new, clothing.  And the awesome thing about having an Ebay store is that I can earn extra income from home while being a Personal Shopper for other women, and providing them with equally nice clothing (and many other items) at a fraction of what they would pay for new.  It's such a Win-Win thing to do! 
      Do you go to Thrift Shops?  Do you buy or sell on Ebay? Maybe I should show you some of my recent Ebay purchases? Please share your experiences in the Comments, below.  


  1. Cute! Cute! Cute! Love them all! The more I ebay, the less I find I need to purchase new. There is very little I want or need that I can't purchase for a fraction of the price at a thrift store or a garage sale.

  2. You definitely caught the bug, Kimberly--LOL. I am the same way; just have zero interest in Retail anymore. Keep up the good work on you Ebay and on your blog. Linda

  3. I love all your finds for YOU! I found your blog while google searching for blog posts about modesty. (I agree with your concept of modesty, and that it's not by wearing frumpy sacks) I was pleasantly surprised to look through more of your blog posts and see that we have so much in common. Your ebay store is incredible!!! I do sell a little on ebay as a hobby. I don't make a lot of money, but I love going to thrift stores, finding something that is too good to pass up, and selling it to others on ebay for a tiny profit. I'm still learning what sells and what doesn't, but I am having fun along the way.

    1. Thank you for your kind comments. It sounds like we do have lots in common. I must warn you, if you keep up that Thrifting-Ebay thing you are going to wind up just as crazy as the rest of us--LOL! Linda

  4. Cute stuff! Sort of wish you'd add the prices you paid...not that it's any of my business. In this city, one thrift store has 99 cent Mondays where every clothing item except current tickets is 99 cents. It won't matter if it's something cheap from Walmart w/ holes and stains or a NWT piece from Chico's. What really kills me is that I'm looking and getting the quality items and most of the other shoppers just pass up the Chicos, Ann Taylor, Abercrombie, etc. It's a mystery but maybe they don't sell, just wear. Thanks for your blog. It's always welcome & interesting.

  5. Hello Anonymous! I agree; Chico's and Ann Taylor, etc., are great sellers. The only time I buy anything other than such common name brands is if the item is VERY nice! Everything I bought at the Scholar
    Shop was priced at $2.50 to $5.00 per top, and the pants were all $5.00 each, due to their half price sale. So my outfits from there cost me from $7.50 to $10.00 per outfit! The Women's Closet Exchange was much more expensive (relatively speaking), so I only bought a few items for myself there--no way you can mark up anything enough to resell from there. I would be SO at that 99 cent sale in your town if I could!!! Linda