Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Why It's Good that I Had a Good Weekend

      Being a full time homemaker is not a choice that many women have due to a variety of circumstances.  I consider myself so blessed to be able to be one myself, and have been for the majority of my life since first marrying at the age of 18.  It's good that I really savored a nice weekend, because the past two days have been a real challenge for me --I won't go into details--and have made me realize all the more why I am happy to be home.  Here are a few reasons:

    I have the flexibility to drop everything and be available for others in need.  Having a "real" 9-5 job is a real hindrance to that.  You are either at work, commuting to or from work, or dealing with the pressures of only having a few hours a day not at work.

    I can work at home at a job that I can drop for a couple of days when there is a need to do that.  That is not so easy if you are working for Someone Else!  I haven't gotten a single thing listed so far this week, but that's fine--today is a new day, and I'm looking forward to it.

    Even though I am working at a part-time at home job, it does provide me with an emergency fund for our own unexpected surprises (ie: this week having to buy a new dishwasher, four new brakes and two brake rotors, and a visit by the air conditioning repairman!).  It also provides a nice nest egg for the needs of others, which this week has also been required.  True riches means having enough to give some away. 


   My hours are my own, to juggle as I please.  To help others when the opportunity arises.  To work as much or as little as I want.  To enjoy a little time to rest whenever I need it.  My motto: "Naps Are Good!"  I plan to keep that in mind this afternoon.  :-)

      If you are a homemaker it can start looking "greener on the other side of the fence."  I could easily go back to work as an R.N. and start making "real money", and feeling good about how competent I am.  But, truthfully, that is not where my heart is.  Never has been.  Never will.  I am thankful for those who are out there serving us in their jobs, but I will never stop being thankful for the job I have, at HOME. 


  1. Amen, amen....I'm so happy to hear someone else say their heart really isn't in nursing either. Never has been. It has been a great career, but I cannot say that I love it.

    1. You have to love STRESS--LOL! Besides that, I have always been a homebody. When I'm not home I miss it so much. That tells me where I belong.

  2. OMG....not a good time to be w/o the air conditioning!!

  3. Right--Upper 90's with humidity to match! SO thankful it was a minor problem.

  4. I couldn't have said it better, Linda.