Friday, September 20, 2013

Ebay Sales Picking Up

      Sales were very slow during August, which is pretty expected.  I am very happy to see business getting back to normal now. 

      I love rushing to get all my sales packed and out on the porch before Debbie (the world's BEST EVER Postal Carrier) arrives each day.  She really is the sweetest, hardest working and never-complaining angel to put up with all my Ebay packages--always with a big smile.  (I love her!)

      I also have wonderful neighbors (the world's BEST EVER) who love to help me out by giving me their shipping boxes and packing to recycle for Ebay shipments.  I often will find a huge stack, or even one little box alone, that someone has kindly left at my doorstep. (Thank You!: You Know Who You Are!)
      While sales were slow I looked at it as a time to build up my store inventory and just kept listing, listing, listing.  I now have more inventory than ever before, and it's hard to keep those listings up--I like having lots for customers to choose from!  I am hoping to get entirely caught up by the end of next week on listing ALL of my inventory.  (I know; I am a big dreamer.)
      Of course my Ebay "assistants", Callie and Rosie, are up to their usual tricks.  It took me forever to post yesterday's blog due to the following tactic by Callie:
 It really is difficult to type on just the right side of our keyboard.  With a tail swishing back and forth.  Truly.
     I spent much of the day yesterday just cleaning up the purchases I found in the past week for Ebay.  I recently found six Starbucks mugs at an estate sale, but some of them had bad spoon marks inside.  One thing that really helps to remove those silvery "scratches" from inside coffee mugs is this metal polish, which I found at the local auto parts store. 

       It removes light marks, and it helps make the darker marks at least lighter, with a little elbow grease.  It has "wadding" inside.  You just take a little piece of that to scrub the mug, then put it back in the can when you are finished.  Here is an example of the improvement it can make:
      Anyway, I am getting zero work done today on Ebay, as I am off to the Vintage Market Days at a big barn out in the country.  I will tell you all about it on my next post.  I couldn't work toady anyway, what with my "assistant" laying on my inventory...



  1. Linda
    Thanks for the info on the Eagle One Polish. I have never heard of it before now. I see they also have it at Wal-Mart. Can't wait to try it out! I love all your great advice!


  2. Linda, I had no idea there was even a way to remove those kinds of marks. I've passed up several mugs because of this, but not anymore :) And that's an awesome stack of packages to be mailed out!