Saturday, September 28, 2013

Lunch at Joy's House

      After our trip to the Quilt National show at the St. Louis University Museum we were invited to stop over at Joy's house for lunch.  She has already fully recovered from her recent bad fall, and is running up and down the stairs in her 4-level hundred year old house like a wild woman--as usual--taking care of her dozens of animals, her hundreds (thousands?) of plants, and all the people who come and go to buy her honey and eggs when she's not at the local Farmer's Market on Saturdays.  Not to mention her hand quilting and other creative projects.  (I will blog about that one day, and knock your socks off!) I believe that Joy and the famous Tasha Tudor were separated at birth. :-)
      She made us a delicious salad and broccoli-leek soup with some fresh bread.  Dessert was vanilla ice cream with fresh fruit and chocolate sauce on top.  But, as always, looking at the pretty displays throughout Joy's house is just as delicious.  I snapped some shots of a few in the dining room and sun room for you to enjoy.

      Needless to say, Joy is not a Minimalist.  But that's what makes her house to Magical!


  1. What a beautiful home. I especially love her china hutch. So pretty!

  2. No fair! I want Joy to be my friend! I love her home and especially her sun room area! Lucky you to have Joy in your life.

  3. Joy is such a treasure in so many ways...more than I know...Thank you once again for sharing something so special with your readers.

    1. You missed it by being a very good Grandma-babysitter!