Friday, September 13, 2013

Wear A Dress!

      Usually on Friday I am out doing my errands for the week.  I find that it is better to try to save all the errands for one day because if I run out to the store, or wherever, it takes a big chunk out of my productivity for the whole day.  But if I do all the errands at once I can plan my route and be much more efficient with my time.  It's hard to get it all done, and sometimes I run out of time, but I try, and it does help eliminate outings during weekdays.
      So I look forward to my "Errand Day" all week.  I try to look nice when I go out for the day, so instead of wearing my usual around-the-house working clothes I try to put on something a bit spiffier--even if I'm only shopping.  In the summer it's warm enough to wear a nice skirt or dress for a change.  How often do I get a chance to wear them, anyway, as a full-time home maker?  So last Friday as I looked through my closet I found a dress that I had forgotten to wear all summer, and that's what I wore.  It is nothing too "dressy", but is more of a casual, fun dress with an A-line flare and some "jewels" sewn around the neckline--nothing fancy or special.  With that I threw on my Croc's Mary Jane shoes and off I went.


     Everywhere I went people I didn't even know went out of their way to say, "What a nice dress."  Or, "Don't you look nice!"  (Of course, all compliments are most welcomed by Yours Truly.)  The neatest thing is that when I was shopping at the mall in Macy's and Dillard's salespeople were practically falling over themselves to wait on me.  How often does THAT happen?  If I had gone shopping in my jeans and a t-shirt I would have been totally ignored I'm sure. That is one nifty thing about "dressing up" to go shopping--you not only feel especially nice, your are treated especially nice!


      I went to the make-up counter at Dillard's to take advantage of the Clinique special, and the young woman waiting on me also complimented me on my pretty dress.  She said, "You know, I just bought a dress.  It's the first one I've ever owned."  Really? She looked to be in her mid-twenties or so, and she had just gotten her first-ever dress?  I was amazed.  I congratulated her on doing that and told her she should enjoy it very much. 
      Inwardly, I started wondering how many women never put a dress on their daughters?  I began to take note of all the other women I saw in the mall.  I did not see anyone, anywhere, wearing a dress or even a skirt!  Every woman was wearing pants or shorts.  No wonder people take note when a woman goes to the trouble to look feminine!  It's a long-lost art! Even at church, it is rare to see anything other than pants on a woman.

       So, my friends, I challenge you if you don't already do so--the next time you go out running errands--to actually wear a dress!  Or a pretty skirt and blouse.  Fix up a bit and look as feminine and dainty as possible.  See if you don't get more specially treated wherever you go.  Please let us know if you do, and did you feel or notice any difference?  I can't wait to hear from you all.  This could turn into a scientific research project that ends returning America back to civility.  Enough with being "average" like everyone else--Let's do it, Ladies!


  1. I wear dresses all the time in the summer. They are just way more cooler and comfy. I was watching a gal in Wendy's one day; a little overweight, wearing a low waist pair of shorts that were crawling up the middle of her thighs, and a tank top that she was falling out of...I guess this was her way to be cool for the warm weather. She had kids with her and one little boy kept pulling at her shirt. Well, when he moved her shirt a certain way, I could see about 3 inches of her butt crack shining. I was thinking to myself "woman, a nice lightweight knit dress would be so much more attractive on you and way cooler to wear, and the kids couldn't expose your body parts every time they touch your outfit." I just wanted to pull up her shorts, pick out the inner thigh fabric, and tuck in the top for way she could have been comfy!! Wow, a dress is just easy!!

    1. You are a good role model. I know I am often downright shocked by the attire of women out in public. Have you seen the gals wearing nothing but tights for pants???

  2. Love to dress like a 'lady'.... good challenge!!!