Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Window Cleaning Day

      Once a year I splurge on having someone come out and clean our windows.  I don't mind cleaning the insides and the outsides that I can reach during the rest of the year. But believe me, I am not about to clean the outsides of our windows that are incredibly high up there.  So I call Fish Window Cleaning of Chesterfield, Missouri because they are an excellent and trustworthy Christian company.  And I always ask for Michelle, as she goes way above and beyond!  (This is not a sponsored blog, by the way!)
      Here is Michelle and her assistant Michael cleaning upstairs windows today.  Last year Michelle couldn't come because she was very pregnant with her third daughter.  I was very happy to see her today.  I asked Michelle what cleaning solution mixture they use on the outside of the windows.  She said to make it you can thoroughly wash out a Windex spray bottle.  She said Windex has a chemical in it that actually burns when the sun hits it.  Then you just fill it with water and add 7-10 drops of Dawn dish detergent--that's it!  I noticed that when she sprays it on the windows and wipes them with a rag they look very soapy.  Then she just squeegee's it off.  Without even rinsing it! But it never leaves a film. 
      So now I am once again enjoying sparkling--and spider web free--windows.  What a joy!


  1. I wish we lived closer; I would sure call them!

  2. How wonderful to find someone you can rely on that does a GOOD JOB...which is hard to find. People say they can DO IT...but do they do it right. Yeahhhh for you to find someone.
    Great idea for window washing. I just use white vinegar and water and the squeegee them off.

    1. Isn't that the truth? How often do we find professionals who do an excellent job? We find that the best ones usually turn out to be Christians--they care about excellence. I have been using vinegar and water, too, but this seems to work even better since it really cleans the dirt off.

  3. Thanks to you and Michelle for that wonderful tip! I'm definitely going to use it :)