Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Autumn Again


October is my favorite month of the year here in Missouri.  I wait for it all year long, and it never disappoints.  Autumn brings such delightful changes, affecting my inherent need to "nest".  I have been redecorating around the house, reorganizing, and updating wherever I can.  Now I feel so much more snug and ready to settle in for the oncoming winter months.

      I took these photos yesterday morning as the sun was rising over the woods.  Today a cool front moved in with some much needed rain; slow and comforting. I can stay home all day today. Life is good.  I am so grateful to be so content.  Home is where my heart belongs.  


  1. What a beautiful home you have, it looks so welcoming. I absolutely love the autumn wreath on your door and the heart bunting over the fireplace, all looks so cosy :)xx

  2. You chose as favorites the two hand-made things in these photos. :-) The front door wreath was a gift from our friend Leon, who is a Master Gardener and excellent maker of all things floral, and the heart bunting was something I put together from a collection of stuffed hearts I picked up at various sales. I just braided some yarns together to tie the hearts onto it, and the colors work great for autumn. Thanks, Cheryl!

    1. PS I forgot to mention that I also made the Pumpkins wallhanging quilt over the fireplace, many years ago. I guess there are several handmade things around the house. :-)

  3. Your home is beautiful!