Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Don't Throw Out Those Styrofoam Egg Cartons!

      At least don't throw them out if you sell on Ebay--they make great lightweight "fillers" for boxes with too much empty space.  And if you don't sell on Ebay, give them to someone who does.  Recycle! :-)  (Nothing goes to waste around here, folks--nothing.)
      Speaking of selling on Ebay, I have been trying to get caught up here ever since arriving home over a week ago.  So much has been going on, as is usual when you've been gone.  I just finished listing a lot of nice tablecloths and napkins, as they sell best around Thanksgiving and Christmas.  That is a lot of work, since you have to search each one for any stains, wash and fold them, and then measure them accurately.  It didn't help that when I sat down this morning to list my last batch I realized that I had DELETED the photos I took of them yesterday--Argh!!!  Had to do it all over again. 
      Tomorrow I start listing my Christmas items, hopefully.  Will try to keep it simple this time. 

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  1. I've done that with pictures before, too. It's so frustrating. Great idea with the egg cartons. I hadn't thought of that.