Friday, October 18, 2013

"It's Good To Be Tall"

I Can Only Imagine...

(That would be me on your left.)


  1. I wouldn't know about being tall....I'm right there with you sister!

  2. Such a funny picture. That could be our dachshund Sasha as the little one. It has been a rainy fall for us. There's plenty of mud here!

    1. I hope Sasha doesn't come into the house looking like this one. :-)

  3. My life. The photo says everything....shortie is me (5'3" once.... now shrinking) and everyone else in the family at least a foot taller (6'4" and above). Truthfully I love being short! Is it a plus when clothes shopping you don't have to look at everything in the store just go to the petite department with their limited selection, not a lot of decision making? How terrible it would be to have to walk around all the time with those long long model like legs some people have getting a birds eye view of everything....more things you might see to clean.

  4. LOL! SO true! And I secretly have always loved being "petite". :-)