Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Janine's Ebay Organization

      I don't know where the days have gone since I last blogged--I have been way too "busy". I've been redecorating the house for fall, reorganizing a lot of things, and running around way too much!  Add to that, Sweetface has been upgrading our computer storage capabilities, etc. (all way over my head), so the computer has been in a bit of a transition time.  In short, I have missed talking to you! 
      It seems that Janine and I are on the same wavelength regarding regrouping and reorganizing for fall.  Are any of you out there feeling the same way?  Whenever the first chilly weather hits I think I become like a squirrel, wanting to get ready for the oncoming winter and batten down the hatches, so to speak, which requires much dashing about, gathering and organizing.  I should show you the giant messes I've been making all over the place--but maybe not. 
      Rather I will show you what Janine has been working on at her house: reorganizing her Ebay Department in the basement.  She has come up with one great idea for organizing her shoes, which is her main "thing" in her Ebay store,  ZuzuPetals.  This involves simply going to Costco, or any other such store that gives away free boxes, and bringing home stacks of fruit boxes.  They are nice sturdy low boxes, around five or six inches deep, AND they have nice slots on the sides where they can be neatly stacked in place on top of each other.  They, in fact, are Perfect for storing shoes:
See how neatly they stack up? 
Then she labels the ends with what type of shoes are inside:
This of course would work for a lot of things other than just shoes. She also has sweaters folded inside some of them.  I have already started using these types of boxes to better organize my own Ebay Department. Here are more pics of Janine's work area:
She says her vintage baby scale has the most accurate weight  of all:
She keeps her "peanuts" in a large wicker hamper:
Her clothing is neatly hung:
And I can't forget to photo her "Mr. and Mrs." models!
What changes does Autumn bring to your home?


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