Thursday, October 24, 2013

Palisades Pals at Arlene's Home

      Today we were invited to lunch at Arlene's home.  I am so blessed to be able to look at her lovely home every time I look across the street.  The inside is just as enjoyable, especially on an cool autumn day like today.  Here is HER view outside her back windows--just gorgeous:
Some of our group were not able to be there today.  Dianne could only drop by
with her darling 7 month old granddaughter, Katelynn, to show off her seasonal outfit. 
 We were happy for any excuse to see them both.  Her shirt says it all:
 "Daddy is under my SPELL".
So were we!
Arlene spoiled us with way too much delicious food, including TWO different
soups (Onion and Squash), and TWO different Quiche's (Bacon and Asparagus)! 

I can't even remember what all I ate--it was delightful to sit and be served.
Especially when it was topped off with pumpkin pie.
Poor Sweetface--what am I going to fix him for dinner?
Nothing in comparison to that, for sure.


  1. The view from Arlene's home is absolutely stunning. What a sweet baby, no wonder she had you all under her sweet spell, and beautiful food, lovely way to spend an afternoon :) xx

  2. So true--our greatest blessings are faith, family, friends and food. :-)

  3. Beautiful view! Precious baby! Yummy food! Sounds the perfect way to spend a day :)