Tuesday, October 15, 2013

What I Brought Home from Round Top

Janine and I shopped until the back of the car was jam-packed. 
Why on earth would we drive there only to leave empty space?
In fact, Janine shopped SO hard that she literally wore her shoes right off her feet--
Luckily a kind vendor saw her hobbling along and 
helped her duck tape her shoes back together!
(I am NOT making this up!) LOL!
But all that effort was worthwhile, since we found many treasures.
Janine found, among other things, a "boyfriend" for her female antique mannequin.
(Seriously? What do they do together?)  You can see him above.
And I found this large antique hand carved wood wall plaque from England,
which was all dry looking.  So I put some of my special secret formula on it,
then gave it a touch of rub-on antique gold to bring out the highlights.
I love the finished product.  It is 13" x 25" x 3" thick.  Heavy!
But my favorite thing--maybe ever?--is this wonderful lady below:

She is an antique majolica Cantigalli from Italy.
I stopped in my tracks when I spied her at the Marburger Farm sale.
I love her.
I have no clue whether I overpaid for her.
I have tried to research it on the internet, but haven't found anything comparable.
Not sure where to get her appraised.
Now she needs a name.
Any suggestions?


  1. I like your pretty lady, too. And the shoe story?? priceless!!

    1. And Janine was wearing Clarks shoes--that takes some real wearing out!

  2. Beautiful items.....as to the pretty lady from Italy, maybe she should remain mysterious and unnamed...

  3. Well, she's absolutely beautiful, and since she's from Italy, how about their word for beautiful- Bella? And I love the place you've chosen for her. I think if you ever wanted another job you could be an interior design consultant.

    1. PS I had thought about "Bella", actually, and I like it. Bella she is! Thanks, Kimberly. :-)

  4. Janine should send her shoes to Clarks with the story. I'll bet they'll give her a new pair. It's a bit amazing.

  5. Oh, no--I think I saw her throw them in the trash can in Texas! LOL