Monday, November 4, 2013


      The first weekend in November is a big time for local craft shows around here.  Janine and I enjoyed visiting a couple nearby.  Bought a few things.  Enjoyed the last of the colors outside.  But today it is grey, windy and chilly--as November normally is.  And I am back to the grindstone, listing on Ebay and making a dent in my ongoing attempt to de-clutter around here.  It's amazing how things "multiply", seemingly behind closed doors--or drawers, as it may be.  It's a task I put off until I can't deal with the chaos anymore. But I actually do enjoy cleaning and reorganizing things.  It's just hard to give myself permission to take the time to do it. 
      This is one area in my studio where I open a drawer and drop in anything that I come across that I think I might use "someday" in making "something".  It finally got so stuffed I had to take several days to pilfer through the contents of every drawer to sort and reorganize.  I ended up with some empty drawers, and some which are very neat and easy to locate things inside, plus several "junk drawer" lots on Ebay.  I even labeled each drawer with the type of contents inside. It was worth the effort.  I can't wait to go to my studio now.
      Another area that has been bugging me is inside the kitchen cabinets.  Things have gotten entirely out of control.  So I have started pulling out everything inside, giving the cabinet a good wiping down, and then replacing only those things that we actually USE.  I end up with neater, prettier cabinets plus items to sell on Ebay, or donate, or toss--a little of everything. 
Before above; the Mess below...
After Below...
Now ALL of the glasses and mugs are together in ONE location. 
Before above, After below...
And one more lower cabinet, with all the plastic storage containers: Before...
And After...
      It feels good, however fleetingly, to enjoy a cabinet where I don't have to move things to find what I am looking for. 
      The downside is that when I take the unwanted items to the donation center at the thrift shop I will surely be tempted to bring home more! Ever done that? :-)


  1. I have the same problem about donating, only to see the stuff again and since I liked it in the first place, feel like buying it back! Solved the problem by donating to a thrift store I just don't like & know I'll never shop there. (I'm your chair lady......sent you an email but not sure you got it)

  2. Yes, I did receive your email about the chairs, and I emailed you back--check your "Junk Mail" folder if you can't find it. And that is a great idea about donating--Ha!!!