Sunday, November 17, 2013

Early to Rise

      I am one who believes you should sleep until you are rested.  Then get up.  Even if it's 5:00am.  I love the dark and quiet inside and outside the house at that hour.  Now that the leaves have mostly fallen we can see the town's lights down below our ridge, behind the house.  This is the view from the window by my chair where I sit and sip coffee while I wake up and have my quiet time.  It is so peaceful.     
        When I first walked into the kitchen I was greeted by the welcome
scent of yeast bread rising in a covered bowl in the kitchen. 

      I make a cup of coffee in my favorite cup, with a bird on the side. 

 I take time to read a few verses of scripture and pray. 
I write in my journal, a loose leaf notebook. 

I have kept a continuous journal since the 1970's.  I think that helps me to not
 forget my whole life--since I can't remember what I ate for dinner the day before. 
  My Bible, my journal, my calendar--and a cup of coffee.  That starts my day. 
 If I miss that the whole day is not quite right.  I savor it.
Meanwhile, if she isn't on my lap, Rosie naps in her favorite chair next to the fire. 
While Callie naps with her head on the low end of the sofa armrest. She loves that spot.
The autumn lights twinkle on the mantle. 

      Then the sun approaches the horizon.  I hear Sweetface's alarm going off. 
 I go to make his coffee.  Daylight is breaking.  There is much to do.