Thursday, November 14, 2013

Fishy Necklace Created Today

      Do you go through creative moods?  I sure do.  I have been in a total Make Jewelry mode lately.  I just Luv, Luv, Luv to combine new and vintage components into one of a kind pieces that you can't just find at the department store or in a catalog.  I was especially pleased with today's creation. 
      I found the darling red coral beads at our local bead shop this week, and couldn't wait to get home and make something fun with them.  They are so luscious--they make me really hungry for Red Hots candy.
      I crocheted them with black cord until the necklace was 22 inches long.  Then I found the perfect hammered silver button for a fastener.  Then I searched through my vintage jewelry stash until I found the Perfect Pendant!
      This little pave rhinestone fish has--would you believe it--RED enamel fins.  And they wiggle!  How Cute Is That???
      I told Sweetface that I want to keep it, it's so cute. He said, "If you didn't want to keep it, it wouldn't be very cute would it?"  True.  Maybe I will just let it stay for a few days before putting my newest "child" up for sale.  Besides, I have a surprise announcement coming soon....stay tuned!

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  1. You have such a wonderful eye for art, which serves you so well in your art and also in your photography and your homemaking. Good job! Luv the fish.