Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Tacky or Shabby Chic?

      This morning it was a very chilly 16 degrees outside, and I was planning on running to the new city Rec Center for an exercise class, so I threw on a pair of old sweatpants and a t-shirt.  Then I remembered why I rarely wear these pants--there is no cellphone pocket! I really like having my phone on me since I have stopped answering our home phone.  (It is our dedicated telemarketing phone--only sales calls come in on that number.)  Once again I found myself wishing I could think of a way to sew a quick pocket onto these pants.

      So I ran upstairs to my vintage linens stash and found this round linen doily with pretty blue crocheted lace edging.  Then I found a cute vintage button to go with it.  I sat down and quickly stitched a new pocket in place--Ta-da!
 Of course, when I showed my new invention to Sweetface
 he laughed  and said something about it looking "tacky." 

    I think it's simply Shabby Chic. 
  Or maybe he's just jealous? :-)
     Either way, it's a problem solved, even if it IS tacky--LOL!


  1. "Beauty is in the the eye of the beholder" .... how did it work? If it didn't bounce out, because you ran too quickly on the treadmill or cycle, then all is sweet!!! Good for you.

    1. Never fell out, so I guess it was a success. As long as I don't wear it anywhere except the gym I think I'm okay!