Sunday, November 24, 2013

Thankful for Life's Little Inconveniences

      The past week or two was a lesson in life's little inconveniences, which at the time seem like a "big deal."  First of all, my DH, Techn- guru that he is, decided to "upgrade" our computer system.  Always a Red Alert for me, the Technotard.  This of course required us to go through to typical aches and pains of "improving" our computer what-evers, with the accompanying interruptions, culminating in the complete loss of computer access for a while.  While Sweetface was, as always, completely unflustered by all of this, I was squawking about like Chicken Little that the sky was falling.  (We are a perfectly "balanced" couple--no?)

       So I did not get anything blogged, and had a lot of hassles with Ebay and folks thinking that I was ignoring them--not ever a good thing.  I even completely missed an order I had on Amazon, which I learned when I got an angry email from the customer wondering where the heck his item was!  But, in the end, Sweetface got everything ironed out, and my feathers settled back in place.  Back to normalcy again, at least until the next time he insists on making things even better!  Yet, in the light of what really matters, it was really not worth getting excited about--worse things could happen. 
      Such as that awful storm that blew through Sunday, a week ago today, which resulted in over 80 tornadoes across the Midwest--mostly just barely east of us here in St. Louis.  Just across the river, the state of Illinois got most of those tornadoes, many precious lives were lost, and hundreds of homes were utterly blown away. 

      So that made our neighborhood 60 m.p.h. straight-line winds a mere inconvenience, including the roof and siding damage many of us up here on our ridge sustained.  Fortunately neighbor Arlene took charge of the situation and arranged for us to have a wonderful roofer repairing our missing shingles the very next morning! She is currently the Official Neighborhood Heroine! (If only she were President of the USA--can I have an Amen?)  And I was delighted to learn that our roofer, Jerry, is a Christian brother.  Janine came over while he was here, and we ended up having the best kind of fellowship in the Lord right here in my living room, telling each other stories about God and all His goodness!
      Here are a few photos I took of the neighborhood goings-on after the storm swept through...


      So, all in all, I am very thankful that we have experienced nothing more than life's small inconveniences.  And I pray for those who have had to deal with so much worse.  Pray for those who have lost homes and loved ones during last week's storms.  Blessings, Linda

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