Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Baking Baklava

      Years ago I invited my friend Becky over and taught her how to make Baklava, (that wonderful traditional Greek pastry dripping in honey and butter!) just like my neighbor decades ago taught me.  Since then making Baklava together has become an annual Christmas tradition for Becky and me.  But this year we invited our mutual friend Ann, who expressed a desire to learn this tricky technique, too.  We were joined, also, during the evening by a couple of other friends, Janine and Ruthie.  Even Sweetface looked in on us now and then (hoping to get a bit to taste, no doubt.)  He even brought fresh white lilies home for the event--how sweet is that? We had snacks on the table and lots of fun talking. 

However, I got distracted at one point and let the warming honey boil over
--please Never Do That!
However, it all turned out well in the end, and we each had
a nice pan  of Baklava to show for our fun. 

This is exactly why dieting is always at the top of my
New Year's resolutions.


  1. mmmm.....L-O-V-E Baklava.....but shame on you, Linda, for not sharing your recipe with your followers.

  2. Replies
    1. I think I am being ganged-up on! Okay I will! :-)

  3. Love love love Baklava!!! I have been wanting to make it, but haven't got up the courage. My husband is a postman and a lady (in her eighties) on his route made us some. I later asked her for the recipe and she said I would have to come over and let her teach me. I know one day I will regret not doing that. But that intimidated me! Maybe I will muster put the courage~thanks for the inspiration!