Friday, December 13, 2013

How to Wrap A Cat for Christmas

      I know we have all been so busy with Christmas, or Hannukah, preparations.  I have decorated and have been trying to make last minute gifts. I would show you photos of what I have been making, but that just might spoil the surprise for someone. So maybe after the holidays. So for those of you who are knee deep inyour gift wrapping, here is one tip you just might need in case you are giving someone a nice cat... (click Here). 

Try to enjoy the weekend, last minute shoppers!


  1. How fun was that? Mindy has the purrfect cat that would lay right there and let you do that ... no problem ... and would probably fall asleep. What a winter wonderland outside....beautiful! Hope your errands are done and you can cozy up by the fire with Sweetface and a kitty or two. Merry Christmas!!

    1. Ha--my cats would probably have nothing to do with it! Yes, fresh snowfall this morning is lovely. Enjoy your Christmas with the new granddaughter, Dianne.