Thursday, December 5, 2013

Thanksgiving in Santa Fe

      If you wonder where I disappeared to, it was Santa Fe, New Mexico.  Sweetface and I went to spend Thanksgiving with our son Daniel and his beautiful (and sweet!) wife, Sarah.  It was their first Thanksgiving together, and they prepared a wonderful gourmet dinner for us.  But I'm getting ahead of myself; let's start at the beginning of the trip... with the shadow of our plane leaving St. Louis
Beautiful snow covered mountains along the way.
Snow crusted irrigated fields--what a quilt this would make!
Approaching Albuquerque.
Our hotel in Santa Fe. 
 Can you believe it was colder than St. Louis,
with temps in the low 20's?
 Some of the 12 inches of snowfall remained from a week ago.
 Yet Sarah and Daniel gave us a warm welcome to their home.
 Daniel and his Dad got caught up on all the latest science talk.
(We topped off the evening watching a Star Trek movie in the living room.)

Daniel made two pies from scratch; a pumpkin and an apple.
They were fabulous, if I do say so myself.
I chose my favorite--pumpkin!
Meanwhile, Sarah created the best-ever feast with all the wonderful side
 dishes you could wish for! Honestly, I never ate a more delicious meal.
She got a big kiss for her first-ever Thanksgiving turkey.
We spent one day happily shopping downtown Santa Fe's
many famous shops, culminating with the lighting
 of the square's Christmas trees after dark. Fun!
 We enjoyed driving to Los Alamos, where 
 Daniel is working on his Phd. in Nuclear Physics.
 Sarah explained all of the topography along the way.
She is working on her Master's in Geological Physics.
 The views were breathtaking.
 Thank you Daniel and Sarah for a wonderful time!
We miss you already!


  1. WOW!!! Beauty, brains, and they cook, WOW!!!! the Trifecta. We've never been to Santa Fe, but our daughter, Cristin, and her husband, Dave, from Colorado go there often...they love it. Glad you had a good time. Bet you did some serious damage shopping there.

  2. Such a Cute couple! Sarah...fab job! :) Looks like tons of fun. :)

    Tracy from Illinois

  3. They make a beautiful pair! Sounds like a perfect Thanksgiving :)

    1. It was, indeed. And I didn't mind not being the cook, either. :-)