Thursday, January 16, 2014

Bunnies Everywhere!

One of the serious dangers of selling on Ebay is that while you are listing items you have to research what other similar items are worth.  The danger in that is that while scrolling through all the photos of other sellers' items for sale, you just might find something you would like to have for yourself--and you buy it! That is very dangerous to your profit margin!  Alas, that is how I ended up receiving a box at my door this week.
Inside was a Basket O'Bunnies.
Or, on the other hand, maybe it was my friend Joy's fault.
She brought her adorable little (Real) bunny, Fluffy, over and let me pet her!
I really wanted a real bunny just like that, but I knew that my two cats would NOT like that.
Thus, I succumbed to this delightful substitute.
Now they are sitting in front of our fireplace.
With all the Other bunnies that I have managed, somehow, to collect.
Oh dear, where on earth did they all come from?
I guess they've been multiplying.
I decided to line them up on the mantle.

Under the bunny picture over the mantle.
And then there is the bunny pillow.
And, in front of the door, the bunny rug.
Oh well, I really do like bunnies, even if I can't have a real one. :-)


  1. Sweet! Cute! Adorable! Precious! I love bunnies, too! :)

  2. I don't succumb to buying many things online when I am doing my research for listing on eBay. However, I do have the problem of buying things that I love to sell and then wanting to keep them.

    Most recently I found a lovely stained glass window that would be a great item to sell on eBay but it features the warm yellow I have my home decorated in so it will not be going anywhere soon.

    On that same shopping trip, I found two signed prints of Paris that would also be good to sell on eBay but, s someone who has been to and fell in love with Paris, I haven't convinced myself to part with them yet either...

    Love your latest acquisition! I'm off to pin your page on my Easter and Bunnies Pinterest boards.

    1. Maybe that is why my house is so full--i am guilty of both vices. Buying to sell and keeping it instead, then shopping on Ebay when I should be just selling! Its people like me who are keeping the economy going. LOL.

    2. That's funny but so true, Linda. I do the same at my local consignment stores and feel like I am helping to keep those small businesses afloat. I take items I cannot sell on eBay in and I come home with other items to list. It's a good circle, I think.

  3. How cute are they? We've had rabbits...cute, but work! These are a lot easier to handle. Have you noticed lately an interest in carrots or that your nose is twitching?

  4. I love how you decorated the fireplace with the bunnies. I don't normally decorate for Easter..I guess because I'm not crazy about the pastel type of decor that's usually associated with it. But OMGosh. I love yours and would totally decorate in that style. I'm so glad you posted this. Will keep my eyes open for stuff like that now while I'm sourcing for inventory. Absolutely love it!!

    Margaret @ Live Like No One Else