Friday, January 10, 2014

Fluffy the Rabbit

    Yesterday some of us went over to Janine's to enjoy a cup of hot tea and some cookies.  It was the first time we had seen Diane in a long time, as she has been visiting her mother in China.  Karen and Arline were also there--so much fun to talk to always. It was a great way to enjoy an otherwise cold, grey winter's afternoon.  Much to our delight, Joy came bringing her great-grandson, Joplin, and her newest little creature, "Fluffy" the rabbit!
     One of her old rabbits recently passed away, and she wanted a replacement.  She found 6 month old Fluffy on Craigslist.  The good news is that Fluffy is a "she", so won't need an expensive "fix" to keep her behaving nicely.  She is also an adorable "Lionhead" type of rabbit.  The only bad news was that Joy had to go buy Fluffy from someone living across the river in the projects of East St. Louis.  That alone would have dissuaded me, but Joy found a nice male friend to drive her there, and she bought that precious little fluff bundle.  The sellers had several children who played with her, so the rabbit is used to a lot of adoring attention.  We were delighted to pass her around and share petting time. 

Thanks to Fluffy for making our afternoon so much fun!


  1. precious! and I love Joy more and more each time you write about her. ;))

    1. Well, just come and pay a visit--she is quite hospitable! :-)