Thursday, January 2, 2014

Gifts I Made

 Well, it's been a crazy past couple of weeks.  Poor Rosie is finally back to her normal self
after giving us this gift...
...her bladder stone--post-surgery. 
      It is now sitting in a lab somewhere in Minnesota being analyzed so we can know how to change her diet to hopefully prevent a recurrance.  Callie will not like that, as she will have to eat the same diet that we put Rosie on.  (They don't read the names on their kitty dishes!)
      Also, Sweetface was on a "vacation" here at home most of the past two weeks; one of those "Use It or Lose It" vacations.  On one hand it was very nice having him around for a change.  On the other hand it meant he was hogging, not sharing... I mean he was very busy on the computer that I need to use to be able to blog, or work on Ebay, or pretty much anything productive.  Today he returned to work and I miss him very much, but I was able to get a lot done.  (How do you ladies with retired husbands deal with it--Really!?)

      Add to all that the fact that I inadvertently DELETED a lot of photos in my camera--Christmas gatherings and activities are now GONE.  Well, except for our warm memories! It could be worse.  Thank heavens for small problems, once again.
      Anyway, now that Christmas is come and gone, I can show you a few of the gifts that I made.  No secrets will be spoiled at this point.  I have been tinkering away in my studio making stamped pendant necklaces.  Here are a few that I remembered to photograph...
 I gave Shirley a cross for her faith, and a "Cheerful Heart"
which is what her name means.
 Gretchen's name means "Little Pearl", and she is now driving with
 a permit,  thus the driver's license charm.
 Sofie's nickname is "Tweety Bird", and she likes blue.
 Heidi likes cats, but her Dad won't give her one--so I did. 
Ben got a dog tag with his name and a hockey player charm--his sport.
For someone with a special prayer request right now.
Matthew 11:24 has been my own refuge in such times,
with miraculous results.

And for the sweet cat sitter!

These were so easy to package in little glassine bags fastened with Washi tape.
I hope you have had a wonderful Christmas (or holiday),
and are as excited about a blessed New Year as we are!



  1. What purrfect gifts for those you always. You always do so well with jewelry...quite the eye!!! Nicely done.

  2. Thanks Dianne! I am soon opening an ETSY for my handmade jewelry--just can't stop making things!

  3. Glad to hear your Rosie is doing better. Your jewelry is just beautiful!

    1. Thanks! Yes, we are SO happy to see her well and frisky again. PTL!