Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Hot Spiced Cider for a Cold Winter's Day

The favorite thing I keep on hand to offer visitors on a cold winter's day is homemade Hot Spiced Cider.  Nothing warms your innards better!  I truly dislike store bought cider mixes; to me they are over-spiced and have a nasty aftertaste.  It is SO much easier to make your own, and it has to be much healthier.  Here is how I make it...
Assemble Ingredients:
1 gallon of real, natural Apple Cider
12 or so Whole Allspice
12 or so Whole Cloves
6 or so Whole Sticks of Cinnamon
Put your cider into a large crock pot.
Drop in the cinnamon sticks.
Put the whole cloves and allspice in a tea
 strainer and place into your cider.
Set the crockpot on high for one hour to get it going,
then on low for as long as it takes to make your whole house
 smell  Fabulous. (A few hours.) By then it is done. 
Remove all of the spices and pour a hot cup.
      Be sure to save what you don't use in a covered pitcher and
 keep it refrigerated.  Then whenever you need another cup, just pour it and heat for a minute or two in the microwave.  You will always have a mug of hot cider on hand when a friend drops by.  Enjoy!

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