Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Trip to Denver

      We are back from a weekend trip to Denver, Colorado, to see our daughter Erin and her fiancee' Sean.  With their busy schedules--Erin just graduated from college and is working full-time as a bank teller, and Sean is finishing up his undergraduate degree this semester--the trip was short, but sweet.  We just needed a little time to re-connect and catch up. 
 It was perfect for that. 
      Here we are approaching Denver.  I am always amazed at how flat and
 desert-y (?)  the land is right up to the base of the mountains in the distance. 

      The Denver airport terminal is pretty amazing, with its white spired rooftop,
and the way the walkway goes right across the runway--
can you see the plane on the runway below?
It is the newest airport I have seen in the USA.
Erin and Sean picked us up at the terminal and drove us to the
Brown Palace Hotel  in downtown Denver--a lovely, historic old building. 
It was a nice place to stay.
We enjoyed lots of fine dining.
The Denver Zoo was a tad cold and windy.
We didn't stay long--chose the warm Denver Art Museum instead.
Erin is such a Daddy's girl!
When we left Monday evening we were delayed about
 3 hours by the snowy, windy weather.
It was the first time I got to watch de-icing--fascinating!
Then they de-iced our plane.
We loved the trip, but it's always good to land at home in St. Louis.
Home is good--wherever that is.
And with happy memories, we slept well.


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  1. We are happy to have you home safely...glad y'all had a good visit albeit chilly!!!