Friday, February 21, 2014

Ice Disaster

      The bad news of the week involves the bad ice St. Louis had this week.  The day before snow had melted and then refrozen into a sheet of ice during the night.  Driving was no problem since the streets were well salted, but walking on the ground was.  I was across the state line in Illinois when I got a phone call from dear friend Becky, who sounded very distressed.  "I fell on the ice by the front porch.  I can't get up and I need help!" 

    "Oh, no! Becky, I'm over an hour away.  Let me call my husband and see if he is home to come and help you."  She hadn't been able to reach her husband,  Bob, who was out at the farm.  So I called Sweetface who was on his way to church for band practice, but he turned around and drove back as fast as he could.  Becky lives just a mile or so away from us. By the time he got there Becky had called an ambulance, and it was right behind him. 

    To make a longer story short, Becky had broken her femur (the biggest leg bone) into 3 pieces!  By the time I got to the E.R. an hour later Bob was there along with some other friends.  We stayed at the hospital until she went to surgery, recovery, and then to her room. 

      I couldn't help but grab a snapshot as she was being wheeled into surgery, despite her protests that she looked horrible. By then she had been given lots of much needed pain meds,  so I told her she was just delirious. Actually she looked a whole lot better than I would have in that situation!

     So now we friends are kitty-sitting for her while she spends a week of recovery at Rehab.
Unfortunately, there were many such serious falls and injuries all across the area.  A woman that Sweetface works with had to leave work this week--her husband had fallen and gotten a concussion and broken ribs.  I am so thankful for our access to emergency care and dedicated health professionals who make everything well again.
     Feel free to leave a Get-Well message for Becky in the Comments below.



  1. Becky, Wishing you a speedy recovery. This winter is just about over....promise! Spring should be beautiful.......

  2. Since we're over in Illinois, we experienced the same ice situation. Praying for a speedy recovery for Becky!

  3. You look beautiful even being wheeled to surgery....hope you heal soon...prayers for you. You have
    really wonderful this blog. :)

  4. Becky......I hope to hear you are up on two feet dancing around and riding your horses soon! You were so lucky to have your cell phone with you in a "not so luck" situation. Your cute spirit was missed at the "get together" at Linda's.
    Pryers for a speedy recovery....Janine

  5. Becky, Good Sunny Morning. Just as the sun is a warming we enjoy; the warmth and caring of your family and friends is there for you to help in your sure and steady recovery. Keeping you in our thoughts and prayers.

  6. Thank you all for your kind wishes for Becky! Good news--she and I went to church together this weekend. She doesn't have a cast, due to plates and screws doing that job. And she is (very carefully) driving, and will return to work on Tuesday the fourth. PTL!