Monday, March 3, 2014


I've been on a bit of a binge lately, decluttering.
I've been doing it in scattered places throughout the house.
Ever since the new year began it's been bugging me to see clutter.
I keep thinking, there are only TWO of us living here--
how much STUFF do we NEED?
Very little, actually, if I just face the facts.
So, whenever I open a messy drawer, stuff goes into the trash.
When I go to put away clothing, a bunch of things go into the Donations Box.
And sometimes the nicer things actually make it into my Ebay store.
That's always nice--making some cash from my own delcluttering!
Here is a bird's eye view of one kitchen cabinet reorganizing binge.
Below, I couldn't find the right lid for the right plastic storage containers.
Just a few too many things make it impossible to get organized.
So I removed a few things that I just don't use.
Into the Donation Box they went!
The difference that little bit of reorganization has made
has made my daily life in the kitchen much more enjoyable.
I can easily find and replace everything, which now has its own spot. 

Below you can see how many glasses, cups, etc.
I pulled out of just one cabinet.
How did it ever all fit in there? 
I began culling out the things we just don't need or use that often.
Several nice Starbucks mugs, etc. went onto Ebay. 
A lot more went to Donations.
Now this cabinet is a pleasure to use. 
I can't tell you how different it feels to have
 "a place for everything, and everything in its place."  
Sometimes it really is better to just go with your impulse
rather than waiting until you "have time" in your schedule
to declutter.  I plan to keep doing more of it!


  1. I've been doing the same thing this year. Not sure why, but I just can't stand clutter any more. I've decluttered almost my entire kitchen area, the kids rooms/closets, book shelves, my armoir (wanting to tackle the closet still), many other closets in the house. I still have a lot to go, but have done more that I've done in the last 8 years in this house. LOL. I just want to simplify, simplify, simplify.

    It's looking great!

    Margaret @ Live Like No One Else

    1. We are on the same wavelength! However, Ebay is seriously cluttering up my attempts!

  2. Way to go!!! Looking good...if you need more therapy, you can come over to my house...

    1. Don't hold our breath...there's a tad more to be done around here. LOL

  3. Hello again
    I can certainly identify with all that you have said - I have a bit of 'stuff' and regularly clear things out and take it to the local charity shop.....trouble is more stuff comes in via the back door!
    Anyway I love your colourful collections - most cheery and cheering
    Best wishes

    1. Yes, Jenny, I have noticed on your blog that you DO have a FEW things hanging about at your house. And I DO love your collections also! Now if only we could lock our back doors!

  4. I hate to clean. Instead of thinking, "Today I have to clean the bathrooms, dust the furniture, etc.," I like to grab a rag and do one or two quick chores. I call it "hit & run" cleaning. Welcome Spring! --Lisa

  5. That's a good way to do it, Lisa. And yes, welcome spring!