Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Welcome Spring 2014!

Finally--I got to see my first Crocus!
That definitely is a sign of Spring!
And no wonder--the last two days it was around 80 degrees!
All of a sudden it went from Winter to Spring, and today it's back to Winter.
But that's okay.  It's just temporary.
We have definitely turned the corner.
The crocus was at Joy's house.
Ruthie and I had decided to take the day OFF and enjoy the weather!
We went to lunch, then to visit Joy and buy some of her eggs and honey.
We ended up in her 2nd story greenhouse.
Joy has the most amazing plants and flowers.
It was loads of FUN!

Today we have some lovely fresh eggs and honey to enjoy at home.
Thanks, Joy!


  1. The fourth picture...what IS that? It's gorgeous. I've never seen anything like it and I work at a florist! :)

    1. Ha! We asked her that, and she has had that plant so long that she can't remember what it's called. But she said they came from a nursery in Connecticut called Logee's. They have an online catalog at If you can't find that plant you could probably ask them about the name of it. Joy said it looked even more beautiful a couple of weeks ago--I can't imagine!

    2. I'll check that out! Thank you!

    3. My pleasure. Let us know what you find out!

  2. This is Ruthie and it was a great day! Spring days are so exhilarating. Joy is an amazing, interesting and very sweet person. It was a real treat to meet her. I want to go back and visit again. Thanks for a wonderful day.

  3. We had a great day. I am so thankful for meeting Joy! She is a very sharp, talented, interesting person. I want to go back and visit again soon! Did I say talented? That is an understatement! She keeps inside fish, rabbits, bees, chickens, dogs, cat, birds, a large stocked coy pond with lilly pads, does art work, sells eggs from her chickens, honey from her bees and makes ornaments from the bees wax! And this is just what I observed being at her house for an hour or so. She truly is an inspiration and an amazing individual. Thanks Linda for a great day!

    1. Ruthie, I am so glad you enjoyed it. I knew you would LUV Joy--who wouldn't? She said she liked you, too. I only hang out with Certified Wild Women. Like YOU! :-)

  4. So glad it is spring somewhere! We received 15 cms (just under 6 inches) of snow yesterday but I know spring is coming!

  5. I will definitely send Spring your way, across the Pond! In what part of the UK are you located Brenda?

  6. Neat! I just happened to find your blog while looking at other ebay blogs and noticed you are in St. Louis, I live in St. Louis too. The place you featured in this post seems amazing. Is it open to the public or is it just a friend of yours? Would love to go if its a public place.
    Thanks, Amy