Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Another Week Gone By

      It's been another week flying by with normal, random things going on, as usual.
      Saturday I played in the studio and started making little boxes for mailing some of my jewelry sales.  I have a "few" unused scrapbooking papers lying around (ahem), so thought I'd put them to good use for jewelry that needs a bit of protection in the mail, and this is
 just one of them, below.   If you search You Tube for "How to Make a Box" you will find many different videos and many different sizes and shapes that you can make.  It's fun to do while watching your favorite TV cooking show.  AND I was glad I did, because I had my first two ETSY handmade jewelry sales right after that--hurray! I guess it does just take patience. Now I am in the mood to create more pieces as soon as I can get back to a fun day in the studio--hopefully this weekend.  I hope the buyers will enjoy their little packages as much as the jewelry. (Is there anything you can't learn on You Tube? I think I should be entitled to a degree from "You Tube U.")
     Saturday I received some gorgeous flowers delivered from our  out of state son, Todd, and his family. (Thank You!)
      Of course I have been working a lot in our yard trying to get things in order for the warm season--I cut down huge piles of dead branches from rose bushes and butterfly bushes.  Fortunately, they are all coming back from the ground up quite nicely, so it was just as well that they got trimmed back.  The white Clematis and pink Dianthus by the front porch are aglow.
       On Sunday nights our friends Janine and Paul have been getting together with us to watch videos of one of our favorite Bible teachers, Chuck Missler.  This week our son Scot joined us, and he seemed to really enjoy it, too. 
(As did Callie, who funnily was laying her head against the cabinet next to her.) We delight in discussing each lesson after watching the video lecture.  It makes a good way to end the weekend and start a new week off on the right foot.
      A lot of other goings-0n were happening this week, such as changing out our winter wardrobes to summer, and some other things which I will tell you about next time.
      But today our Palisades Pals group changed plans at the last minute.  We had expected to take a little outing, but the weather suddenly turned cold and rainy this week.  So Diane bravely invited us over for an impromptu lunch, and we had just as much fun doing that.

    Thanks, Diane!
I hope you are having a good week, too. :-)

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