Thursday, May 1, 2014

Lunch at Rossanne's

      Yes, the "Palisades Pals" lunch bunch met again this month, this time a Rossanne's beautiful home.  If you would like to see photos of her Asian-inspired d├ęcor (she is from Taiwan) just click HERE, for a past blog post. This is her on your right. Diane, on the left, is from mainland China. 

      I do love her decor, but no more than I enjoy the fun time talking to the neighbor-friends who make up our little group. 

      We have lost two of our group this year.  Dianne is now a full-time sitter for her darling little granddaughter, and Arlene is in the process of moving out of town. Sad for us: happy for them.
      Last but not least, I certainly enjoy the food! After all is said and done, it always ends up being all about EATING, doesn't it? I am really so glad we are not "Guys" getting together and stuffing ourselves on chips and beer! Wouldn't you rather stuff yourself on this? It pays to be a Woman. :-)

I can now proudly admit:
Now to get back on that "diet". :-)


  1. Oh my I really miss you guys and our get togethers! I know the food is always beautifully presented, but Linda does such a wonderful job with her camera and her artistic eye. Have fun on your road trip in May!

  2. Yes, we are planning lunch at a nearby town in May. :)

  3. Yummmoooo. Sure would love to live in the neighborhood. The pictures are beautiful as always.
    Love you and thanks for sharing. Tina Bowling

  4. I so wish I lived closer and that I could come to one of those lunches- not only lots of fun and fellowship, but what looks to be incredibly delicious food! :)

  5. OH MY GOODNESS! I found your blog from the Prudent Homemaker (you commented on my comment about you making a purse). So I take a lookie loo at your blog and I see the I beat anorexia picture - I have that picture as a magnet on my desk. You seem like a good egg!