Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Spring Finally Sprung!

Spring has finally sprung!
It has even gotten kind of hot outside.
I totally love, luv it!
At this time of year I get totally busy, bizzy--
cleaning and reopening the screened back porch and deck,
doing the yard work, planting, clipping off dead branches, etc.
Every year I try to do another small landscaping improvement.
This year it was having some bushes and mulch put in the south side of our house,
between the house and the sidewalk (which was another improvement a few years back.)
It had been just weeds and rocks there until now. 
 Now we have baby Lilacs, Spirea, and Boxwoods.
 I can't believe what a difference a little plant life can make.
Hopefully next winter won't be as devastating on the plant life as this year was.
I am still cutting back dead bushes in the front.
What are you doing in your yard this year?


  1. It has sprung finally! This winter was really bad. I lost quite a few bushes that I planted last fall..luckily Home Depot has a 1 year guarantee on their plants and I've kept the receipts. I still have to do all the deadheading and pruning and am hoping to get to that this Saturday My dream is that my flower gardens look like this someday: http://wifemothergardener.blogspot.com/2013/06/gardening-in-pennsylvania-gbbd-june-2013.html :)

    1. Oooh yes. I used to do a lot of gardening before we moved up on top of this bluff. It is just rock and clay. Hopefully will get raised beds one day.

  2. Everything is so pretty! we need to re-do the south side of our house. We have clay soil here and what was put in before we moved here, hasn't thrived at all. A future project which will def. include bringing in better soil.

    1. I would like raised beds, too. Would also make it easier to reach down to the garden!

  3. After that bitterly cold winter, I too am enjoying and savoring the sunshine, the warmth, and the beautiful flowers and trees! :)

    1. Isn't it amazing to realize that winter is really over? Marvelous!

  4. Nice job! I miss our cat supervisors.....enjoy your beautiful home...I know we do from next door!

  5. We enjoy yours also. And your nice hubby helped me chop down our shared garden dead bushes!