Monday, June 9, 2014

Last Week's Summary

     Last week, in addition to normal routine homemaking activities, I accomplished  a few other things.  Plus there was one long-awaited newcomer who arrived.


I received my 5,000th Feedback from Ebay customers, as noted in my last post.

I listed 50 new items in my Ebay store. That's about as much as I can do in a week.

I spent the day Saturday running from garage sale to garage sale in my subdivision's
annual garage sale day.  I filled up my car three times with lots of goodies, and shouldn't 
need to shop for inventory for quite some time. The dining room is filled with piles of
things I brought home, as well as a rack of clothing and several large pieces of
framed artwork in the garage.  I can't wait to sort through all those treasures!


 I also found at the sales a "new" bike for me, a mountain bike in very good condition,
 for only $25.00.  I will ask Sweetface to help give it a makeover, switching out the seat
 and handlebars and basket from my old bike, which I still like.  My old pink bike is
 getting pretty old and rusty.  I love riding nearby trails and the Katy Trail.  This is the pic
 I took at the garage sale to show Sweetface before I purchased it...  
I also got  a few other items that I had been wanting, including a very nice card table and chairs for those occasions when you need extra seating.  (I would never have paid retail.)
Sweetface and I decided to eliminate several of our AT&T services, including cable
TV and our landline phone as well as our internet service, which was just a back-up to
another internet service we use that is faster anyway.  We figured we can always re-install the cable if we really miss it, but  we decided it would be a good experiment
to just use our Apple TV services to watch an occasional movie or documentary
or TV series. Thus we will save a whopping $265.00 per month.

I repaired a few of my clothing items, and they are now as good as new.

I called Ebay and signed up for the yearly store subscription, saving $10.00 per
month.  I have no idea why I never did that before now.

I took a box full of donations to the local charity thrift shop. I received a tax receipt as well as a discount coupon, which I used when I bought a few resale items.


 I gave my friend Becky one of the necklaces I made last week. She chose the yellowish
 one, and likes wearing it so my handmade bail shows.  She loves to wear multiple pieces.
 Yesterday I went with Becky to see her newborn cold, Encore! He was born during the
 night, and unfortunately has had a problem learning how to nurse, oddly enough.  So he
and his mother, Page, are now at the horse hospital about 50 minutes from here, until he
gets strong enough to catch on to how to nurse properly.  He tries and tries, but just can't
quite figure out how to latch on.  So he receives hourly infusions of his mother's milk
through a naso-gastric tube which he taped to his nose.  He also has tape around his
neck, and sawdust stuck all over his fur, so he's pretty messy.  But he is adorable with 
jet black fur and a large white star on his forehead! I have never before seen such a
young colt.  His legs are so shaky, and his weak ankles fold under making him look like he
has flippers.  But he will be one very large horse one day, being a full blooded Percheron.
And he already shows signs of being quite strong willed by refusing to cooperate with
what anyone wants him to do.  And his little feet are furry on the bottom--amazing.
Becky and Bob are thrilled, since just a year ago Page had given birth to Inkling, who
passed away in just three days due to a birth defect.  What joy to receive this new baby.
And Page is such a patient mommy with the baby, and is very protective of him. 


     Encore will probably get the hang of it in another day or two, after growing stronger, and go home.  We are so very happy for Becky and Bob!



  1. Nice scores at the garage sale!! And good for you about getting rid of the cable and such. Wow, $265 month..that's a HUGE savings!! Good for you! See that's $265 more you can add to that mortgage payment! :)

  2. The horse baby is so sweet... and those owners are AMAZING, to be able to NG feed him. sweet! I love the necklace you made for your friend. And your bike is cool, and all your ebay stuff is interesting. And I'm impressed that you are saving so much $$ each month. You go, girl!!

  3. Excellent garage sale scores! The horses are beautiful.