Sunday, August 17, 2014

This Week: Cat Grass, Felt Bunnies, and Thank You Cards

     This week I wasn't too exciting--I am still organizing "stuff" and clearing out things I really don't need to dust any longer.  I gave a bicycle to a friend which I had bought for myself at a garage sale, then decided I liked my old one better. So that was a good thing. I also gave a kitchen table to someone moving into a new apartment, with some nice placemats to go on it. I ran over to Becky's every morning to feed her cats while she is still in South Africa as a visiting professor in Capetown,
and then going on a jungle safari on the eastern side of Africa.
     I planted some oat seeds for Callie and Rosie so they would have a new treat. It grew quickly and was so pretty. But they, being indoor cats all their lives, had absolutely NO clue that they could eat it. They thought it was pretty weird, in fact. Rosie just kept sticking her face down in it and sniffing it, but wouldn't nibble it. So they remain in their rolling-around-in-catnip-for-a-treat mode.
 (I know, they are weird.) But I LUV them!
     I received a cute little felt bunnies kit that I ordered on ETSY from Kata Golda.  I started
 cutting it out but haven't yet gotten it constructed. It's just so very cute!
     I am actually saving it to work on while traveling on an upcoming trip.
All it needs now is the handwork. 

I did accomplish my goal of listing 25 items this week.  Not a lot, but what I could handle with everything else.  It is slow times on Ebay; I only had about 20 sales, including a couple of books on Amazon. It is this way every year, I believe because people are absorbed in getting their children back in school and adjusting to their new routines for the year. I also took several large framed pictures to the local resale shop that sells my over-sized finds.
I thought I would share with you fellow Ebay-ers out there what  I place  inside each of my customer's packages before I ship:
Instead of putting an ugly computer-printed note inside I have had some beautiful
business cards made up with my contact information on both sides.  I got some tiny
little glassine envelopes just the right size.  I stamp them with a pretty stamp that
says, "Thank You." Then I wrap up their purchase as nicely as I can and tuck this
inside. I want my customers to have to full "Boutique" experience when they buy
from me! It's all about surprising them with service above-and-beyond expectations.
I buy a lot of Ebay items myself, and I have experienced the ugly side first-hand. :-)
I hope it makes them feel extra-special.
Because they are!
What did you accomplish this week?


  1. Oh what a beautiful cat!
    Linda, I love your thank you envelopes and cards. It's so nice when a seller puts that extra special touch in a package.

  2. My week was slow, also. I had 20 sales. I'm comforted by the fact that you said it happens every year at this time. I'm hoping things will pick up this next week. Your thank you cards are beautiful and such a great idea! Thank you for sharing those.

    1. When the temperatures start going down the sales will start going up. :-)

  3. Those bunnies are going to be sweet! Is that your cutting mat in the picture? If so, it is huge and I would love to know where you found it. We've still been busy moving, a load or two at a time. My new 'old' house is filling up quickly and I am being challenged to throw out a lot of stuff!

    1. I bought that huge quilters mat at Joannes Fabrics probably 25 years ago. I actually had to cut a few inches off one end to fit on top of my new set of Martha Stewart craft cabinets. You ccan still find large mats to fit on top of the quilters cutting tables, if not quite that big.

    2. PS good for you on downsizing! Be sure to recycle your excess stuff to an Ebayer. :-)

  4. Linda, those Thank You's are awesome! It would make me very happy if I got one of those! Nice job!